When Is It Time For Recovery?

If the recent alcohol addiction recovery statistics are anything to go by, one out of every ten people requires treatment. This can be a relative, workmate or even a friend so there is every chance there is someone close to you who needs your assistance to recover their old alcohol free life. Unfortunately, many addicts live in denial and insist that they are capable of getting the problem under control. Here are the signs that will help in warning you that it is time for alcohol addiction recovery.

Tolerance – It will be the right time for alcohol addiction recovery if you realize that a person is taking larger and larger amounts of alcohol to achieve the same state. For instance, an individual taking just a single crate of beer in a week steps up the amount to two crates per week is an indicator of increased tolerance. Instead of waiting until the person hits rock bottom, when alcoholism will have done a lot of damage to their personal life and that of their loved ones, get them medical intervention.

When Is It Time For Recovery?

Misleading Behavior – Many addicts are in denial about their addiction to alcohol. They will try to show their loved ones that they are in total control of the substance abuse behavior. If you realize that a person is hiding their true colors by taking small quantities of alcohol in public but when in private are drinking heavily, this may be a good time for alcohol addiction recovery.

Neglect of Personal Appearance – Alcoholism often makes people who are usually smart and well turned-out to become neglected and irresponsible. This comes as a result of the compulsive need for alcohol. The patient thinks about drinking alcohol all the time to the extent that they no longer have time to bathe or clean their clothes.

Poor Memory – If you discover that someone is saying something one day but when you ask them about the same topic the next they appear utterly baffled, they may not be aware of what they are doing. If this problem is recurrent, this would be a good time for alcohol addiction recovery since the problem could be on its way to taking over that person’s life.

Poor Money Management Ability – A person who used to be financially stable may start having financial strains for no apparent reason. Many of these people are adept at finding ways to get others to foot their bills but over time the financial problem will surely come out. This may lead addicts to start engaging in corruption, crime, to sell personal belongings and become neglectful of family responsibilities. Immediate action must be taken at this time to address this problem.

Extreme Mood Swings – You will also know that it is time for alcohol addiction recovery when the victim starts showing unpredictable mood swings. One minute they are happy, the next depressed, moody or elated. You never know what to expect. They will sometimes overreact to minor situations and become aggressive at the mere mention of their substance addiction problem.

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