All About Addiction Recovery Services

Many different addiction recovery services are provided to patients to help them put their best foot forward and take the steps toward getting sober and living a life of recovery. The most common of these include:

  • Detox
  • Aftercare
  • Sober living
  • Inpatient treatment
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Intensive outpatient programs

Each of the services outlined above provide various methods of treatment and recovery plans to help those who are addicted to various substances to get well. The foundation of most includes community outreach, prevention, counseling, therapy and assessment to ensure the continued abstinence from the use of dangerous substances that could pose a risk of relapse or further damage.

All About Addiction Recovery Services

During the early stages of addiction recovery, the addict will require intensive therapy and medical care to ensure that he or she is safe and comfortable. Withdrawal is a likely outcome during detox which is why most patients prefer to detox in a residential or inpatient setting where they are able to receive medications and other forms of treatment to help ease the process a bit.

Many addiction recovery services base their treatment protocol on twelve step recovery methods such as those which originated with and sponsorship as a means of helping those in recovery to remain sober and to find their way in recovery.

During both inpatient and outpatient treatment as well as intensive outpatient treatment, the patient will undergo routine assessment to ensure that he or she is medically, psychologically and physically sound and well. The environment of each type of treatment is slightly different but the overall goal of helping patients to recognize triggers that cause drug or alcohol abuse, avoid such triggers and learn new behaviors to prevent relapse is much the same across the board.

Most addicts will progress through addiction recovery services on to the stages of aftercare and potentially even sober living. The quality of the aftercare program and the services that are offered to recovering addicts can plan an integral part in the overall effectiveness of the treatment. Programs that offer extensive addiction recovery services that include aftercare support are more likely to help patients succeed at sobriety and to stay longevity of sobriety than those which provide only limited support services during this transitional period.

Addiction recovery services don’t stop once the inpatient or intensive outpatient recovery programs are complete. The best programs provide extended services to help those in recovery to smoothly transition back into society, find housing, find work, stay sober and remain in recovery for a lifetime.

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