10 Signs of Alcohol & Substance Abuse

Individuals who suffer from alcohol or substance abuse often show signs of their addiction or abuse early on. Some of the signs may be quickly recognized by the the friends or family members of the user while others may not be so easily recognized firsthand. Regardless, alcohol abuse and substance abuse problems can cause long term consequences and dismay for both the user and for the loved ones or family members of that individual too.


Being Intoxicated Quite Frequently – If you notice that a loved one is intoxicated on a regular basis, drinks during family occasions when others are not drinking or seems to use substances during recreational activities more than others would there could be a sign of alcohol or substance abuse.

Using Substances in Outside of Social Settings – If you notice that someone uses substances when others are not using there is a sure sign of a problem.

10 Signs of Alcohol & Substance Abuse

For instance, many people drink socially at gatherings and that is fine. If the abuser drinks when others are not drinking there could be a problem.

Using Drugs or Alcohol Very Heavily – Some people who have a problem with substance abuse or alcohol abuse will use drugs or alcohol very heavily. This is not just recreational use but rather heavy use of the substance in an effort to get inebriated.

Predictable Patterns of Use – If your loved one shows predictable patterns of drug or alcohol abuse there is a sign of a problem.

Physical Dependence Signs – As substance abuse or alcohol use progresses, there could be more prevalent signs of physical dependence which occur. If you notice that your loved one shows physical dependence signs such as withdrawals, substance abuse could be a problem.

Physical Problems – Sickness, illness, disease or other health conditions that result from the consumption of alcohol or from the use of substances are a sign of abuse.

Losing a Job – If you notice that someone you care about has lost his or her job as a result of showing up late, being under the influence at work or having a lack of productivity while under the influence there’s a sure sign of abuse.

Legal Problems – Many people who abuse substances or alcohol fall into great trouble with the law and suffer from legal problems.

Relationship Problems – If your significant other drinks or uses substances despite your desire for him or her not to or if there have been other relationship problems as a result of the substance abuse then there is a problem that requires immediate attention.

Psychiatric Problems – Many people who abuse alcohol or use illicit drugs or other substances suffer from psychiatric problems as a result of their substance abuse. Others have psychiatric problems that were underlying prior to their use of substances. These problems must be dealt with in order to help the individual overcome the substance abuse or alcohol use issue.

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